You / We Provide

These are the following things that you will be provided with at Pencil Pots Day Nursery:
  • Three meals a day; breakfast, lunch and tea
  • Healthy snacks throughout the day with water
  • Clean sheets and blankets for sleep time
  • Fresh milk
  • A peg and bag for your child’s personal belongings

We ask you to bring the following things for your child:
  • Two sets of spare clothes
  • Plenty of knickers/pants if your child is potty training
  • Wipes (we will use cotton wool if you would prefer)
  • Weather appropriate clothing, e.g. coats, scarves, hats, gloves, sun cream, sun hats and wellington boots.
NB: If your child has any ongoing medication which they will be required to have at nursery, please seek advice from a senior member of staff who will follow the correct procedures to authorise the administration/application of medication.

Messy Play

At Pencil Pots Day Nursery, we would like our children to explore and investigate a variety of activities. This may involve them becoming very messy during their play. We kindly ask you not to bring your child into nursery in their best clothes. Whilst due care will be taken to ensure the children have aprons on during messy play and that sleeves are rolled up, we cannot promise that their clothes will not become messy. The materials and paint used in the nursery are supplied by education suppliers and are therefore safe for children. We cannot guarantee that some paints may not stain. In addition, we ask you to leave valuables such as ipods and nintendos at home as we cannot possibly take responsibility of such items. Valuable jewellery should not be worn to nursery to avoid it being damaged or lost.


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