We aim to provide a varied, well-balanced, nutritious diet that reflects a variety of different cultures, for all children.
We aim to ensure that meal times are a relaxed, enjoyable experience. Children will be encouraged to develop good eating habits, increase their self-help skills and develop socially.
In order to achieve this:
  • We seek expert advice on our menus to ensure that they meet the nutritional requirements of the children.
  • We use as much fresh produce as possible.
  • We avoid the use of highly processed foods.
  • We use well-respected local suppliers when possible.
  • Provide nutritious snacks at appropriate times during the day.
  • Offer regular drinks to all children. Water is readily available for children throughout the day.
  • Salt will not be added during the preparation of food and salt content will be kept to a minimum in all foods provided.
  • Provide full fat milk and yoghurts for children under the age of five, as recommended.

Menus will be displayed for parents in the nursery. Children’s individual dietary needs will be discussed with parents and an appropriate menu drawn up. The consistency of food will be appropriate to the child's age and stage of development.
An appropriate environment will be provided which encourages independence, the development of good eating habits and the children’s social skills, such as:
  • Staff will, when possible, eat with children to encourage social interaction and provide a good role model.
  • Tables will be arranged in small groups with room for adult interaction and supervision.
  • Sufficient space will be provided for each child to eat comfortably at the table.
  • Appropriately sized cutlery and crockery will be provided suitable for the children’s age and stage of development.
  • Children will be given sufficient time to eat their meal to ensure that it is a sociable occasion.
  • Babies who require bottle-feeding will be held by a member of staff (if possible their Key Person) and never left unsupervised.
  • Food and drink will not be used as a bribe or punishment.
  • Children will not be denied food or drink, for example if they have not eaten their first course they will still be offered a second course.
  • Staff members will liaise with parents if they have any concerns about the child's eating habits or diet.
  • Children will be encouraged to help with preparation, serving and clearing away at meal times, as appropriate to their age and stage of development.
  • When serving meals, staff will take account of individual children’s appetites and appropriate portion sizes will be provided.
  • Children will be encouraged to try all foods but never forced to eat anything they do not want to. Their likes and dislikes will be discussed with parents and taken into account.
  • Children who require additional support at meal times will be seated close to a member of staff who will encourage and support them.


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