It is our policy at Pencil Pots Day Nursery to give a warm welcome to each child on their arrival.
When you arrive onto the premises, please double check to ensure you have securely closed the door behind you. A practitioner will also check to ensure the door is closed in order to ensure children are safeguarded at all times.
Parents/carers are requested to pass the care of their child to a specific member of staff who will ensure their safety, and see that their attendance is recorded on the register.
Under no circumstances will a child be allowed to depart from the premises unless it is with a person who is either known to the staff or able to provide proof that they are authorised to collect that child and that they are over the age of 14. Upon settling, a member of senior staff will fill in all the relevant paperwork and ensure that we attain an accurate record of persons who are authorised to collect your child. In the case of an emergency, we operate a robust password system, which is the only means of someone with whom we are unfamiliar with to collect in an emergency.
A member of staff must always acknowledge departure of a child and ensure they are signed out on the register.
Upon collecting your child, you will be given a handover by a member of staff. They will inform you of how your child has eaten throughout the day, some of the activities they have enjoyed and whether they have slept during the day. Any other important information with regards to your child or then nursery will also be shared with you during the handover.


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